I am a Software Engineer focused on backend development at Platogo Interactive Entertainment in Vienna, Austria. Mostly I work with Elixir, Ruby, Go and different cloud services and data streaming systems.

In my free time I mostly write in Elixir, Clojure and other kinds of lisps. I mostly enjoy doing hobby web projects, computer vision and video processing.

Aside from software engineering, I enjoy doing photography when I have the time to do so. My goto camera is my Fujifilm X-T20.

My previous and current experience involves many things like:

  • Backend systems in Erlang and Elixir, using different protocols like gRPC, plain TCP, GraphQL, WebSocket etc.
  • TypeScript development using React, Svelte, TailwindCSS and some component frameworks
  • Ruby on Rails
  • DevOps using Ansible, Terraform and cloud-native technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Traefik, Flux
  • Specialized command-line tool development in Go
  • Analytics engineering using databases like ClickHouse and Snowflake
  • Message brokers using Kafka/Redpanda and RabbitMQ
  • Computer Vision
  • Live video streaming
  • Emacs Lisp package development
  • QA and custom automation development for Unreal Engine
  • Fullstack webapps using Elixir/Phoenix
  • Cross-platform desktop apps
  • Homebrew formulae and taps