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As of version 0.5, HoloCure introduced its own new save system, which is no longer tied to a specific machine. So with this, I bid farewell, and thank you all for supporting the project this far, and I hope it was useful to as many people as possible! It was a very informative project for me, and I learned a lot!

Thank you from Irasutoya


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Tasukeru (助ける) is a small tool to transfer HoloCure save files from one PC to another. By default, HoloCure does not support importing save files. However, using Tasukeru you can do it with ease.


Grab a release from Releases and save it anywhere on your PC. Pick the executable matching your architecture (note: HoloCure currently only runs on Windows).


More Releases Source Code


  1. Download a release for your platform from Releases, or use the Download button above
  2. Get the save file from the source PC at Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\HoloCure\save.dat and move it to the target PC
  3. Play HoloCure at least once one the target PC
  4. Launch Tasukeru.exe
  5. Open the save file you want to import by pressing Browse source file, your target file should be automatically found
  6. Press Import
  7. The save should now be imported


How can I use it for Steam Deck?

Manual merge

Credits to an anonymous user who is a Steam Deck owner:

  1. Run HoloCure at least once on your Steam Deck. Search online for how to do this.
  2. Find and transfer your save.dat from your Steam Deck to your Windows PC Where you can find your save.dat is dependent on how you’ve managed to run HoloCure on Steam Deck. Steam’s built-in installation of Proton uses /home/deck/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/<generated-non-steam-ID>/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/Local/HoloCure/save.dat
  3. Launch Tasukeru.exe on your Windows PC.
  4. Select your Windows PC save.dat as the import file using Browse source file.
  5. Select your Steam Deck save.dat to be modified using Browse target file.
  6. Press Import.
  7. Transfer the modified save.dat back to your Steam Deck. Overwrite your old save.dat.

Note: You can rename the save files at any point for convenience, as long as the final save file in the HoloCure directoy is called save.dat. Merging of the save files also works on a Linux or macOS computer.



Thanks jelwid for the Steam Deck instructions!

  1. Move tasukeru-windows-amd64.exe and save.dat files to your bottle’s C: Drive (Open bottle - 3 dots - “Browser Files…”)
  2. In Tools section of bottle open Command Line and run:
C:\tasukeru-windows-amd64.exe save.dat

Why does Windows Defender/other antivirus complain?

Tasukeru accesses the save file directory, which Windows considers sensitive and might mark the tool as a virus. Of course this is a false positive since the tool has thousands of downloads and is fully open source.


This project is free and open source and just something I work on in my free time. Always feel free to support me and my future work on:

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