Tasukeru - HoloCure save file importer


Tasukeru (助ける) is a small tool to transfer HoloCure save files from one PC to another. By default, HoloCure does not support importing save files. However, using Tasukeru you can do it with ease.


Grab a release from Releases and save it anywhere on your PC. Pick the executable matching your architecture (note: HoloCure currently only runs on Windows).



  1. Download a release for your platform from Releases, or use the Download button above
  2. Get the save file from the source PC at Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\HoloCure\save.dat and move it to the target PC
  3. Play HoloCure at least once one the target PC
  4. On the target PC, drag and drop the save.dat onto tasukeru-*.exe
  5. When prompted, press Enter (Note: it is a good idea to back up your save file beforehand)
  6. The save should now be imported


How can I use this on a Steam Deck? using Bottles?


Thanks jelwid for the Steam Deck instructions!

  1. Move tasukeru-windows-amd64.exe and save.dat files to your bottle’s C: Drive (Open bottle - 3 dots - “Browser Files…”)
  2. In Tools section of bottle open Command Line and run:
C:\tasukeru-windows-amd64.exe save.dat

How can I pass a custom source and destination save file location?

  1. Launch cmd aka Command Line and cd to the location of tasukeru-windows-amd64.exe
  2. Run tasukeru-windows-amd64.exe save.dat where save.dat is the location of your old save file that you wish to import

If you pass 2 arguments, then saveA.dat will be merged into save.dat or whatever path is given and replace it.

E.g. tasukeru-windows-amd64.exe saveA.dat save.dat will produce the patched save.dat in the current directory.